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The Humanity First Project, (2020 - )



 HUMANITY FIRST PROJECT                                                                

Based on a simple paradigm shift using national flags, the Humanity First Project creates a physical visualization of an idea that defends Human Rights with a focus on the importance, value, and quality of life as the primary basis for civic and governmental policy actions and decisions.

The action is carried out by placing the Human Rights flag (Predrag Stakić design, 2010, or Ai Weiwei design, 2018) in a position of priority for a civic, or political event.

A reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and community discussions on Human Rights can augment the event.

The actions and public installations with the Human Rights Flag positioned over a single national flag provide a platform for public discussion on the government's leadership concerning Human Rights issues.


The actions and installations incorporating many or all national flags demonstrate the breadth of Humanity beyond borders, focused on the value, dignity, and quality of human life worldwide.


The goal of the Humanity First Project is to foster and solidify the concept of governments at the service of their people.

If we consider the fundamental purpose of government is to represent, serve, protect, and promote the quality of life for its citizens, it is clear that Human Rights should be THE most important PRIORITY in civic action and government legislation.

The implementation of the Humanity First Project champions the basic democratic ideology of governments of the people, by the people, for the people. 

December 17, 2020
The Human Rights group, Colective Hilos, carry out the Humanity First Project action in a public square at the Centro Cultural Ex Convento del Carmen.

photo: Carlos Díaz Corona
December 10, 2020
International Human Rights Day

The Humanity First Project is installed as a public art project for the exhibition Tierras Prometidas, at the Centro Cultural Ex Convento del Carmen, in Guadalajara, Mexico



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