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The Morse-Barcode Project, (2022 - )




 The Morse-Barcode Project                                                               

The Morse Barcode works combine Morse Code and the commercial barcode design to create works of art through different materials and processes with a focus on the value of life, human fellowship, and community. The dots and dashes of Morse Code that constitute the phrases are elongated to create the appearance of a standard bar code. 

For the exhibition Material Treaty 1, 2022.08.30 - 2022.09.03, curated by Frida Robles (MX), Oscar Cueto (MX) and Ramiro Wong (PE), in affiliation with 12-14 Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, the Love One Another morse-barcode design was combined with the Humanity First logo to create stickers placed on packaging and fruits and vegetables at a market stand as part of the exhibition. The Humanity First logo is inspired by the Periodic Chart of Elements, using Hu for humanity, to the power of 1, as every life is important. Through the infrastructure of capitalism and consumerism, the message of human fraternity was carried to the general public via this sticker design.


—Davis Birks, 2021





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