d  a  v  i  s      b  i  r  k  s
PASADO/FUTURO is an installation comprised of 1039
clay bricks commonly found in Mexico. The bricks stand
vertically on the ground in 33 rows and 32 columns. Bricks
are then extracted from this group, the empty spaces forming 
the word “PAST” in Spanish. The extracted bricks with mortar
form the word “FUTURE” in Spanish constructed on top of the
existing bricks, a didactic process demonstrating the use of
past to form the future.
The idea of using bricks for this installation is derived from
actual materials found at the chosen site for the exhibit: a
vacant lot in transition.

Davis Birks, 2011

A special thank you to
Marcial Romero Gonzaléz and his son
Marcial Guillermo Romero Santos for their support with this

View images of the installation process here...>>

1039 clay bricks with mortar, 1.5m x 6m x 3m
photo: Josef Kandoll, 2011