NOW OR NEVER / AHORA O NUNCA d  a  v  i  s      b  i  r  k  s
October 15 to November 20, 2011

The exhibition Now or Never is the response of 15 artists who have a history of participating in exhibitions and projects
in Puerto Vallarta and who recognize the need to change the cultural landscape of the city at this moment in time.
Puerto Vallarta itself is transforming: with changing demographics and surging urban development while, at the same
time, trying to hold tightly to a small town image. The city stands on a precipice—it can move forward with a new vision:
cultural, urban, financial, etc.—or it can stand still in the relative safety of its golden heyday.  With various international
events on the horizon, a decision may be forced in one direction or the other.
Taking into account a potential paradigm shift in the city—and by utilizing to a broader event like the PanAmerican
Games—Now or Never hopes to open the dialogue about the need for a larger cultural agenda in a city that lacks proper
public exhibition spaces and resources to host important international art projects.
Employing contemporary art practices of installation art, video, intervention, and land art, artists residing/living in Puerto
Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Francisco and Los Angeles are creating works that essentially transform a
vacant beach-front lot into an open-air exhibition space.

Pilar Perez, curator, 2011
Participating artists:
Puerto Vallarta: Rodrigo Ballester, Davis Birks, Angel Delgado, Jorge Ramirez, Dan Cristhian Rios, Fernando Sanchez;
Guadalajara: Monica Escutia, Rubén Mendez, Daniel Monroy, Claudia Rodriguez, Javier M. Rodriguez;
Ciudad de Mexico: Eduardo Abaroa, Mauricio Rocha, Sofia Taboas;
San Francisco: Hung Liu;
Los Angeles: Ruben Ortiz


Address: Between Hotel Villa Premiere and the Beach Volleyball Stadium of the Panamerican Games
(previously Hector's Sunset) Access from Playa Camarones and through the parking lot of the Volleyball Stadium, in
front of the Sports Stadium