d  a  v  i  s      b  i  r  k  s

Galerķa Nina Menocal, Mexico
February 21 - April 4, 2012

curated by Nina Menocal and Isabel Ruiz

Contemporary artists express the reality in which they are living:
 the rejection
of war and its transgressions against the dignity
and integrity of the human
being, and, at the same time, a
profound admiration for a world of beauty, for
happiness, and for
nature in all the surprises it embodies.These are torn
feelings that
coexist intensely, especially in the measure that humanity is most

That is why we have titled this exhibition “War & Peace”, like

Tolstoy’s great novel. The exhibition should invite a reflection on
how to fight
against violence and evil and bring beauty into our
daily lives.

Isabel Ruiz,  2012

participating artists: Lidzie Alvisa, Carlos Aguirre, Davis Birks,
Jose Bedia, Angel Delgado, Gabriela Gutierrez, Enrique Jezik,
Israel Leon, Laurie Litowitz, Luis Moro, Glexis Novoa

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