d  a  v  i  s      b  i  r  k  s

Galerķa Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 21 - April 21, 2012

is a beachcombing tour of Puerto Vallarta, but not the usual kind.
In a tourist destination where many tours take place, DeTuR focuses on
the brick that builds a city and often winds up on the edges of the sea.
On all of the beaches around Puerto Vallarta can be found the remnants
of bricks and mortar in various states of decomposition. These remnants are
metaphors of life: change, uncertainty, destiny and transformation.

DeTuR is also a walking tour from one gallery room to another, a historical
review of art objects in a gallery space. The first room shows brick in formal
arrangements, independent art objects with reference to a traditional
gallery space. The second room, an installation, is a forest of galvanized
pipes and clamps with protusions of brick-like leaves on re bar towers. In this
room the elements are dependent on each other to create a single work of
art relating the manmade and natural environments. The last room is
participatory, a simple brick table and chairs to sit on to regard the samples of
weathered bricks on the table and the detours destiny performs on all of nature.

Edwin Treitler, 2012