d  a  v  i  s      b  i  r  k  s

Galerķa Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 21 - April 21, 2012


is a popular, leisure activity practiced around the world and is
a very common tourist activity here on the beaches around Puerto Vallarta.
The keepsakes collected by the tourists mark a special moment in time.

Family and friends helped me collect from the beach the weathered bricks used
for this exhibition. Each at a distinct level of erosion, these remnants of brick
and mortar are metaphors to the uncertainty of our lives as well as the certainty
of decay and a return to the earth.

The brick vestiges juxtaposed with the new bricks in the DeTuR exhibit remind
us of the relationship between the metropolis and the natural environment. Of
paramount importance to Puerto Vallarta, as with any city witnessing rapid,
uncontrolled growth, is a sense of responsibility concerning social as well as
environmental needs, elements often overlooked in the interest of profit.  

Davis Birks, 2012