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Social Servants, 1988

Cardboard, polyurethane and steel plates 
mounted on a hand truck


Reconstructed Landscape: In Memorium, 2021

Multimedia installation with artifical grass and trees, printed image on vinyl, mirror panels, plastic chair, painted wood table, electric lamp, found, framed oil landscape on canvas with painted wood frame, airconditioner

Dimensions variable 

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Reconstructed Landscape 32, 2021

Acrylic paint on 36 wood panels

Dimensions variable 

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Empire Tank, 2020

Printed and folded faux US Federal Reserve one dollar bills and acrylic paint on existing wall

Dimensions variable 

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Humanity First, 2020

Human Rights flag (Ai Weiwei design-Fly the Flag) and the national Mexican flag

Dimensions variable

Installation view:public plaza, Guadalajara, Mexico

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Humanity First, 2020

Human Rights flag (Ai Weiwei design-Fly the Flag), superimposed over the national Mexican flag

Dimensions variable

Installation view: Centro Cultural Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico

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Empire, National Debt, 2019

Cut and folded printed paper  pyramids (US Dollar Federal Reserve notes)  mounted on existing wall

Dimensions variable

Installation view: Galería Omar 
Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Series here...>>


Dream Home, 2019

Mixed media installation with cot, keys, mirrored panels and acrylic paint

Dimensions variable

Dream Home formed part of the exhibition Tierras Prometidas with participating artists: Ai Weiwei / Fly the Flag; Francis Al˙s; Forensic Oceanography and Forensic Architecture; José Hernández-Claire; Sean T. Hawkey; Fernando Llanos and Jessica Herreman; Omar Pimienta; and David Taylor.

Curators: Ale Guillén, César R. Guirón, Fernando Sánchez Aceves, and Pilar Pérez

Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 23 - May 4, 2019

The United Nations Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) Global Trends report found that 65.3 million people, or one person in 113, were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015.

Each refugee has their own personal history, the struggle they face for survival and their hopes for a better life.

Dream Home highlights the importance of each individual and then multiplies this concept exponentially.

The useless keys refer to past homes and lives. The simple house floor plan can be associated to a home from the past or the desires of a home for the future.

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Empire, 2007 - 2019

Cut and folded printed paper  pyramids (US Dollar Federal Reserve notes)  mounted on existing wall

Installation view: Pinta Miami, Building Bridges Art Exchange,

The installations from the Empire Series strive to stimulate a discourse about the United States as a superpower and its foreign policy, the influence of its monetary systems within the context of international fiat currencies, and it's Federal Reserve Bank in reference to fiscal responsibility in an era of deficit spending. 

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Contemporary Archaeology: Once Upon a Time, 2016-2018

5 weathered brick and mortar fragments, painted wooden wall bases and printed text on PVC board.

Dimensions variable

Installation view: El Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2018


Uprooted, 2018

Found materials, paint on wall

Dimensions variable

Installation view: Building Bridges Art Exchange, 2018

More information...here>>


Truth/Lies, 2017

vinyl on existing wall

Dimensitons variable


Gringo, 2016

Forming part of a public plaza or walkway, project Gringo is an intervention where the surface is cut away to the underlying earth to seed plants and flowers that take root in the cut out letters forming the word Gringo.

Dimensions variable

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Perfiles Urbanos, 2014 (detail)
Davis Birks, Jorge Ramirez,
Ana Olivera

Vinyl on existing wall

Dimensions variable


Perfiles Urbanos, 2014 (detail)

Working with architects Jorge
Ramirez and Ana Olivera, 
physical profiles were created
from distinct geographic areas of Puerto Vallarta. To personify each profile, personal characteristics were then inserted.


Expansion Zone, 2014 

Brick, mortar and live plants
Dimensions variable

In this intallation a brick wall
was built and then destroyed
to create the form of the tree.

Live plants take root in the 
rubble created during the

(photo: Josef Kandoll)


Pasado/Futuro, 2011-2014

Brick and rebar
Dimensions variable

(photo: Josef Kandoll)

Here, the bricks removed to form the word Pasado are then used to form the word Futuro.


Mancha Urbana, 2014

Vinyl on existing wall

Dimensions variable


Recuerdos, 2014

Wooden table and shoe 
boxes filled with photos, 
documents and letters from
families of Puerto Vallarta

95 x 60 x 120  cm.


Recuerdos, 2014 (detail)

Originally inspired by Gabriel 
Orozco's Shoebox, 1993, I 
wanted to fill that emptiness
with memories using the 
common practice of a shoebox 
to store photos, love letters, documents, etc.

Families from Puerto Vallarta 
were invited to share personal 
memories as a way to 
emphasize the need for a 
municipal historical archive.


La Sala, 2012

Detail from the DeTuR Exhibition

New brick, found weathered brick with mortar, sand and rebar

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La Red, 2011

20,000 plastic toys mounted on PVC lined stainless steel cables
Each line measures 9.5 meters

Total dimensions variable

Installation view: Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A>Z, 2010

Galvanized steel frames and support, stainless steel metal screen and enamel paint

43 x 700 x 50 cm.

13 metal screens mounted in circular, tubular frames (based on EU street sign design) set perpendicular to a wall contain the letters of the alphabet. 

Each see-through screen accommodates two letters where the letter from one side of the screen is not visible when viewing the letter from the opposite side of the screen.

The viewer participates by beginning a journey at the letter A. Following the sequence of the alphabet to the letter M, the viewer then continues the journey on the reverse side of the screens ending with the letter Z on the opposite side of the letter A. The pilgrimage ends where it began.

Installation view:

Klosterruine, Rüeggisberg, Kanton Bern, NaturparkGantrisch, Switzerland, Europe

More information (German)...here>>

Mi Dios, tu dios, 2008

vinyl on existing wall
Dimensitons variable



Empire, (2007- ) (detail)

Folded paper with printed images and one US Dollar Federal note

Dimensions variable

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Series here...>>

Carved Spiral 1, 2005

Carved and sanded acrylic sheeting mounted on metal frame

246 x 174 cm.

Installation view:

Klosterruine, Rüeggisberg, Kanton Bern, NaturparkGantrisch, Switzerland, Europe

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Art/Sign, 2004 (German verision)

Digital print on plastic sheeting
50 x 50 cm.

Inspired by the writing of the philosopher Karsten Harries on the importance of art, the Art/Sign Project is an intervention, or sculptural installation using a common dead-end street sign design, on site, or as sculptural elements, to offer a dialogue on the power of art in our society.

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Die Signalen, 2003

Galvanized metal tubing and
screen with black paint

dimensions variable

Die Signalen is an installation comprised of 7 elongated street signs which carry the message of world peace.

Commissioned by ZimmerAxx of Switzerland, it was designed for the road which borders the Monastery Ruins of Rueggisberg, a site which overlooks three valleys with a spectacular view of the Bernese Alps.

A Swiss company specializing in traffic signs built the tubular frames. Each sign contains a metal screen with the word “Peace” in one of seven languages. The opposite side of each screen contains the word “War”, creating a language game with the meanings of the word “War” in English and in German.

Though the screens can be seen through, the word on one side of the screen can not be perceived from the opposite side of the screen, creating a visual puzzle for the viewers that pass.

Installation view:

Klosterruine, Rüeggisberg, Kanton Bern, NaturparkGantrisch, Switzerland, Europe

More information (German)...Here>>


Self Portrait 4, 2002

Perforated carbon digital prints on paper with plastic frames

Each element measures: 
12 x 12 x 5 cm.

The iconic images of Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ are used in this installation to create a self-portrait for each viewer. Superimposed one over the other in 13 elements viewed from either side, the inferior face is slowly revealed through an increment number of circular perforations; one face is destroyed to give birth to the other. The faces of Christ and Hitler are aligned with one another and a transformation takes place through the process of reduction to create a range of variables between the diametrically opposed ideologies.

Image sources:
1936 Nazi Party campaign poster

Detail from the painting Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, 1889, by Heinrich Hoffmann

A Mi Querida Herida, 2001

Text  on existing wall

Installation view: Plaza Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2008


Extractions: Kosuth: I Paint, 2001

Text on existing wall

More information on the Extraction Series...here>>


Do You, 2001

Polished steel
180 x 200 cm. 

Do You is a short, concrete poem regarding multiple facets of Love. The single question repeated three times, Do You Love Me, is divided into 4 lines to create a distinct meaning for each line of the poem. The first line asks the question Do You Love. In the second line, Me Do You, an aggressive, sexual attitude is taken. In contrast, line 3 reflects the romantic nature of Love with a reference to the Beatle’s Love Me Do. The final line of this poem is an affirmation to the first question with the answer You Love Me.

Good Vibrations: Zürich hb>Stadelhofen, 1998 - 2008

Graphite on paper and wall installation

As travelers, I think our tendency is to focus on the visual aspects of a trip, capturing images of the places and people we want to remember, or share with others. In this group of drawings I decided to record a different aspect of travel…the vibrations as we move from one place to another.

Good Vibrations is a group of drawings that captures the vibrations and movements while travelling by train. In this project, I wanted to explore the possibilities of repeated sequences between designated stations and find out if the drawings would follow a pattern or not in their relationship to each other.

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Social Servants, 1988

Cardboard, polyurethane and steel mounted on a handtruck

Each element measures:
118 x 65 x 60 cm.

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