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MX / US, 2021

 Intervention with doors from a 2006 Mercedes Benz sedan.

Dimensions variable 

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Fractal Complex 1, 2021

 9 elements: each with a single line carved into cut and sanded acrylic sheeting

Dimensions variable (in this order approximately 2 meters wide)

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(1)   (2)


Ajustable Reconstructed Landscapes, 2021 

Acrylic paint on wood panel

Dimensions variable 

In this series a simple landscape is painted on wood, deconstructed and then reconstructed once again as an ajustable sculpture.

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more about the Reconstructed Landscape Series ...here>>>


Reconstructed Landscape 13, (house 1), 2021 

Acrylic paint on found wood panel

41 x 64 x 39 cm. 

A simple landscape painted on wood, deconstructed and then reconstructed once again. 

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(1)   (2)   (3) 

more about the Reconstructed Landscape Series ...here>>>


Utility Implied, Utility Denied, 1997-2020


83 x 55 x 46 cm. 

In 1998, the first version of
this sculpture was sat on and destroyed while on exhibition at the Museo de Las Artes, in Guadalajara, Mexico...an unintended performance verifying the title of the work. 


Inorganic Biological Form 14 2018

Galvanized steel wire

Each of 13 elements measures:

296 x  14 x 1  cm.


The Truth: According to Times New Roman and Blackoak Std, 2017

20 layered sheets of printed Mylar

Dimensions variable

In this group of works as an installation, one font diminishes and is replaced by another font, which in turn diminishes and is replaced in the adjacent work by a new font. This transition from one font to another illustrates a constant fluctuation of the concept of Truth.


Carved Spiral 37, 2016

A single line carved into cut and sanded acrylic sheeting, mounted on a steel frame.

246 x 179 x 6 cm. 

The Spiral Series (1998- ) is inspired by the minimalist drawings of the 70s, the history of the spiral form dating back to primitive cultures and fractal systems found in nature ranging from the microscopic to the galactic.

View more images from the Spiral Series...here>>


Applause Machine, 1998-2016

Chrome bicycle wheel, stainless steel stool, playing cards, wood 
and metal clips

144 x 64 x 50 cm.

Exhibited first in Zürich in 1998, this interactive sculpture acknowledges and applauds the Dada movement as an important driving force in the development of contemporary art.

More information on the Applause Project...here>>


Point A to Point B, 2016

Wood, galvanized tubing, pipe clamps and screws

150 x 280 x 10 cm.


Flag: US/MX 3, 2015

cut and sewn flags

100 x 57 cm.


La Primera Función del Ojo es Reconocer el Peligro, 2015

tempered glass and enamel with metal frame

260  x 160 cm.


Topografía de un Paraíso, 2014 
Davis Birks, Luís Echeverría

Rebar, wood, plywood, MDF,steel beam, galvanized tubing, and various styles of clamps

Dimensions variable


Paraíso, 2014

33 stacked sheets of 6mm. 
glass on a painted wooden
base and vinyl text 

26 x 122 x 26  cm.


Soy Turista, Soy Local, 2014

Laser cut mirrored acrylic 
sheeting, glass and  metal 

80 x 40 x 4 cm. each


Urban Landscape, 2014

Carved brick inserted into 
existing wall with electric light

13 x 26 x 7 cm.


Carved Spiral 26, 2014

A single line carved with a needle into Ampersand Scratchboard.

39  x 36.5 x 5 cm.


Icarus, 2013

Galvanized wire and artificial turf

47 x 48 x 49 cm.

photo: Diaz Corona


Push N Shove, 2013 - 2022

Galvanized wire and artificial turf

118 x 98 x 10 cm.

version from 2022...here>>>


US/MX, 2012

Intervention with 1994 Ford Pick-up doors

290  x 122 x 50 cm.

Time Travelers 5, 6, 7, 2012

New Brick, found weathered brick with mortar, galvanized pipe and pipe clamps
dimensions variable

View more images of the DeTuR Projects:

Museo de las Artes, U de G, 
Guadalajara, Mexico  2022

ExConvento del Carmen
Guadalajara, Mexico  2018

Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto
Vallarta, 2012

The Encounter, 2011

Heat-altered plastic toys

20 x 38 x 20 cm. 

The same toy horse model  is used to create contrasting, emotional reactions.

View more images from the Equine Series...here>>

The Persistence of Crime, 2011

Heat-altered plastic toys

36 x 60 x 39 cm.

Tu Y Yo, 2010

Cut tennis shoes with artist's blood and cable

dimensions variable


War Monument, 2009

Cut one dollar US note

6.7 x 15.5 x 6 cm.

Three Kinds of Skies Over The Rich Earth, 2002

Cut and assembled comercial paint Pantone with metal clip

19 x 5 x 1.5 cm.

Pepenado 8, 2000

Cut and heat-fused plastic bottles with metal clamp
15 x 26 x 12 cm.


Hero, 1998

Heat-fused plastic toys
12 x 7 x 3.5 cm.


Pepenado 3, 1997

Cut and woven newspaper with metal bracket 
16 x 8.5 x 5.5 cm.

As I child, I started collecting refuse from the alley ways I would walk along on my way home from school. I selected pieces of junk for their aesthetic qualities. I was later excited to learn about the great number of artists who worked with refuse to create their own works of art.


Organized Crime, 1997

Cut and assembled playing cards

4 x 6 x 9.6 cm.

Photo: Diaz Corona

So Eloquent 2, 1996

Wood, twine, wax, plastic putty and acrylic paint

110 x 5 x 8 in.

Transformer, 1993

Aluminum and PVC tubes

235 x 180 x 130 cm.

Photo: Diaz Corona


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